Connect the ground to the clamp that holds the cores together — do not wind a short-circuit in a closed loop full turn! Do you work with tube Radios? So, in this configuration i still have the same problems: I am using a org …. The datasheet for the IC shows that it produces pulse-width-modulation that varies the average output voltage and therefore the power of the plasma arc. Stuff like this is what can get people interested in electronics and wondering how it can work. I think it could just be a too low duty cycle and secondary maybe some odd frequency where this transformer does not work very well, but first check the duty cycle.

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More on this here.

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

I have built a plasma speaker kit using a kit, but it is nowhere near as good as yours. I have used 18 to 22 AWG, the power levels in this primary circuit is not big enough for this to be an issue. I just dont understand the purpose of the HS diode on the gate? That is part of a typical stereo system, where we have a high pass filter sending signal to the plasma speaker? Does it ausio hot even when you disconnect the gate? What is your input voltage?

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Well theres one way to find out. Simple, you connect your timer to a 12V supply, and the primary coil to a separate, well filtered DC supply. I know the dangers as well. Hey Akdio was wondering if you know whether anyone has manged to get this working with the IRF mosfet. Surely it cant be to block CEMF?!


The arc have to be very short in order to limit the distortions of an unstable arc. Hi Carlos You need audio source that is powerful enough to drive the pin 5 of the timer, maybe you just need to turn up the volume for the output of the radio, using the line output will properly not be enough! Again My stoopid parents kicked my circuit while it was on the breadboard and its stopped working…. Thanks a lot for this! Ok i was wondering is it the amperage or the mosfet that gets you the silent arc?

No less than twelve volts.

Hi, could you suggest a flyback to use for this project? Think about mainly a massless driver the discharge and the transients in music, some day that will make a lot of people happy. December 28, at Welcome to our site! This is a basic NE multivibrator circuit. Dustin, I suggest you get hold of a book on basic electronics or find some websites, you lack a great deal of common knowledge regarding basic electronic components, take care when working with high voltage!

I wound a primary moduated reasonably thick wire aprox 22 AWG and hooked it in but no sound or sparks. I think I have found the problem.


So virtually any flyback transformer works then, good to know. Yes it could, the frequency will be ten times lower the flyback is designed to run. You got down to the essence of the problem and this is also written in that start of this article, the is grossly underrated for driving a MOSFET gate, it really should have help from a transistor pair or a gate drive IC.

I will buy some soon enough and audil thought that when i will find the correct configuration i will make a real PCB.

The screen and focus knobs on the flyback only effect the the who thinner wires coming out of the flyback which are connected to the internal potential divider network.

If I do get the circuit working how would increase the length of the plasma arc? The amplitude of the spikes is in the millivolt range. I did put modluated little heatsink and is working fine at least for 2 minutes of continuous operation generating Ozone.

Here is diagram that i am using: Mads Just wondering, have you tried running this off of a higher voltage?