Once I was able to traverse the unzipped files and come into a. Both options apply to Windows 10, 7, 8, 8. Friday, June 29, 1: Office Office Exchange Server. Tuesday, July 6, 4: Enter your laptop model name in the search box and start search.

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ASUS ATK0110 ACPI Drivers Free Download

And ac;i Professional version, no further steps are necessary. Thursday, March 20, 2: Problem signature Problem Event Name: However, I was also experiencing a fairly persistent system hang whenever I tried to copy a file to or from a network share, or when sharing a folder and reading or writing to it from another computer.

Select the OS to one that your PC is running. Resources for IT Professionals.

I have the same issue, and the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel even tells me to go to Windows Update and get the driver. I downloaded this file and created its own folder for it, and then I traversed thru the file by double clicking on the unzipped file until I got to the level for bit that had a file named AsAcpiIns, which is an application. I was seeing the same symptom as the very first post.


Not an IT pro? Once I was able to traverse the unzipped files and come into a. It is highly recommended that you download the latest version. After installing the driver and then rebooting, I checked my devices, and the unknown device no longer appeared, but the device ATK ACPI Utility appeared under my System Devices and was highlighted.

I used the “Global” links to download all three files.

This is my problem: Under the chipset tab you find three files that wtk0110 can download. Hope this helps someone. Asus P5B, everyone who have this motherboard have this issue doesn’t matter if is Deluxe or other id product And you will save much time on it.

Asus EB ATK ACPI Utility Driver – TechSpot

The windows updates did not find one or ati0110 replaced it some time prior. Sunday, October 11, 6: But, when I launch Windows Update, it does not find anything for me to install.

Was looking at this myself as I had to install a new hard drive and it has been a while. I had been having severe system hangs every time I’d performed Windows Updates. Saturday, January 12, 9: Sunday, April 4, 4: Tuesday, July 6, 4: The ACPI drivers are contained in this package. Be the first to like this article.


Go to ASUS website. I think I somehow had been using the drivers from that CD before today, which may account for my system hangs. When I downloaded them they were labeled Beta.

Such issues include folders, AERO, toolbars, etc. To acpl the driver, all you need to do is click your mouse 2 times. But if you use Free version to update the driver, you are required to install the driver step by step. Both options apply to Windows 10, 7, 8, 8. I double clicked on that file, and it let me extract the files from the zip file into the folder.