Other low cost scanners, like the Acer Scanner UT I review here , have 14 bit per channel resolution like the e And it’s got an internal sample depth of 14 bits per colour, for 16, intensity levels each for red, green and blue, versus the levels from old eight bit hardware. The scanner uses a slimline multi-voltage AC adapter with, in this package, a couple of short mains cables to let it be used from Australian or round-pin European mains sockets. Print Office is a highly competent all-purpose image creation and manipulation package, and it’s streets ahead of the dodgy pack-ins that come with many cheap scanners. Of course, you don’t have to manually change the resolution if you’re happy with the perfectly sensible settings ScanWise uses for the mundane tasks for which it is intended. The information contained on this site is for informational purposes only. This one has dpi optical and dpi mechanical resolution, but judging by the fuzziness of the result click for a close-up, again , its mechanical resolution may be none too tightly specified.

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Agfa SnapScan e40

But PhotoGenie seemed, on the whole, to make the pictures look worse. The Windows version of this driver was developed by Hamrick Software. Unlike most scanners, the e40 has a matte black inside to its lid, instead of a smooth white one. Agfa SnapScan e40 Review date: Just as a side note, I’m getting sick of the style of promotional photography in which Hip Young Things are shot from above with a wide-angle lens, so they’ve got big heads and teeny feet. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers.


Look at that promotional page. The SnapScan e40 is down at the low end of Agfa’s current flatbed scanner range, but that doesn’t, according to Agfa, mean it’s low quality.

You can do a better job manually, with a little practice, but Auto Levels is the magic “improve this image” snpscan for many people. Unfortunately, it’s hitched to a giant wagon full of pastel-painted manure called ScanWise. With the versatile capability of scanning plain paper, photos, and bulk objects books, comprehensive reports, etc.

PhotoWise just can’t deal properly with anything that doesn’t match its opinion of a “normal” document. This turned out to be significant. But it doesn’t detect the e Just to make it harder, the brightness, contrast and saturation sliders have no numerical readout to tell you what setting you’ve chosen.

Bring back the bikini-girl school of promotional posing, I say. Avfa it ScanWise is your standard fully automatic scanner software for beginners.

When it is finished scanning it will automatically update them to the latest, most compatible version. You’re previewing the whole bed.

Speed The agfx takes about 27 seconds to do a 75dpi preview scan – you can set it to use a lower or higher preview resolution if you like. This is pretty much what a good shiny-coin scan’s meant to look like.

The e50’s transparency scan area is only Restart your computer and enjoy the fresh driver, it is as simple as that. I’m not sure why this is. It’s a mid-priced big-name scanner whose software is supposed to auto-optimise everything. Overall The e40 hardware may well be an absolute performance tuned sports car of the mid-priced scanner world.


Agfa SnapScan e40 Manuals

About this product Product Information This Agfa flatbed scanner is constructed for folks who are concerned with trustworthiness and functionality when making a digitized record, and it is also reliable and helpful. To get a white-field scan, I checked the e40 out with the lid from another scanner, and with the coin-scanning white paper pile as well. Anyone can use this service, though; the client software’s a free download.

The Acer Scanner UT is just as slow. Go through the driver installation wizard, which should be quite straightforward. The e40’s noticeably bigger than many cheap A4 scanners, because of its wind-tunnel-honed shape and unusually long nose, but it’s still not sapscan bulky. Or Easy Driver Ayfa registered 4e0 Click the image to see a full-resolution excerpt. Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers. HYTs photographed in this way are usually thrusting a product of some kind toward the camera, making said product look the size of a piano.