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The height of the bottom edge of the drive tray should be less than or equal to 13 millimeters in parallel with the lower drive screw holes. Motherboard info Displays the general specifications of the motherboard. This port connects a flat panel or LCD display. Setting to a high voltage may cause permanent damage to the CPU. This port connects a headphone with a stereo The chapter lists the system features including introduction on the front and rear panel, and internal components.

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Before using the product, make sure all cables are correctly connected and the power cables are not damaged. After selecting this option, a confirmation appears.

Quick Installation Guide If any of the items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer immediately. Make sure the four screw holes on the chassis cover are aligned to the holes pundot-s the case. Page 65 Configuration options: You must have a bootable floppy disk ready before updating the BIOS.

Page 75 IDE channel, or both. MAIN Use this menu to make changes to the basic system configuration.

Asus Pundit-S Manuals

Insert the optical drive upside down to the 5. This section explains how to configure your system using this utility. Starting up This chapter helps you power up the system and install drivers and utilities from the support CD. Starting Up The support CD that came with the motherboard contains useful software and several utility drivers that enhance the motherboard features.


Place the PCI riser asembly on a flat surface. Page pundi-ts This allows an unattended or automatic system power up.

ASUS Barebone Pundit-S (Pundit) Drivers Download – Update ASUS Software

No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, except documentation kept by the purchaser for backup purposes, without the express written permission of ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

Refer to the tables below. Use a Phillips cross screw driver to remove the cover screws. Press this button to turn ass system on. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket pundit-a touching any component. It is a menu-driven program, which means you can scroll through the various sub-menus and make your selections among the predetermined choices.

Follow steps of the previous section. The Mic pink jack connects a pkndit-s and the Line Out lime jack connects a headphone or a speaker.

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Open the case, lifting the top cover. The voltage selector is set to V by default.


Page 69 IDE devices. Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely fit. Press this button to eject the loading tray of the optical drive.

Locate the DIMM sockets in the motherboard.

Insert the flash disk that contains the BIOS file to the flash disk drive. If you attempt to exit the Setup program without pundot-s your changes, the program prompts you with a message asking if you want to save your changes before exiting. A sub-menu contains additional options for a field parameter.

Simultaneously press the retaining clips outward to unlock the DIMM. Use this switch to select the appropriate voltage according to the voltage supply in your area.

Basic installation Chapter 3 Starting up This chapter helps you to power up and use the system for the first time. The CD automatically displays the Drivers menu if Autorun is enabled in your computer. Doing aeus may cause system boot failure!