Andy B , Jul 30, Share This Page Tweet. Jul 28, 3. V3 Because of the high demands placed on this tube by the Fender reverb driver design, it’s important to get a good quality 12AT7 for this slot. Home Forums Recent Posts. It’s a reverb driver tube.

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Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. I don’t like an arid, spoingy reverb, but prefer a more viscous quality that the CV can provide. Often, one of these substitutes is used to reduce harshness in bet first stage of an amp.

Of course, I don’t recommend turning up your reverb level so high that the tonal differences are that critical.

Buy 2 and put one in the phase inverter too.

Good 12AT7 Tube for Reverb | The Gear Page

To me they aren’t archetypal of “Mullard” quality. V3 Because of the high demands placed on this tube by the Fender reverb driver rsverb, it’s important to get a good quality 12AT7 for this slot.

Jul 29, 8. Some customers say that the CVs remove an overly “surfy” reverb tone which can result from using a low end 12AT7. Not a good buy in my opinion. The Philips is a touch quieter, and seems to take a little of that “doink” sound out of it. However it has a bit less bottom end roundness than the JAN Philips. However, Mullards bdst to cost much more, and other than the PI slot, or the input stage of a standalone, I wouldn’t bother.


It has a nice rich full tone with great definition, punchy bottom and smooth treble. However, the tone is not that impressive in Fender PI circuits. PeterVVJul 29, For the two stage reverb. RCA 12AT7 is the tube that Fender originally used when designing, building, and selling those amps originally.

No better 12AT7 made. Jul 11, Jul 28, 12ta7. Been playing guitar for about 43 years now so I’m well beyond the stage of “impressing people with how much money you spend needlessly on your gear. This is a perfectly safe substitution to make. If you do use channel one, this tube is the most critical to tone for that channel.

Good 12AT7 Tube for Reverb …

Buy a JJ and be done with it. Blue StratJul 10, This is used as an oscillator for the tremolo circuit and has absolutely no effect on tone. This tube sounds very similar to the Tung-Sol but with slightly better note definition. It carries a higher price too. Out of the big box of tubes, and some are quite rare by today’s standards, a humble Sylvania 12AT7 ended up giving rrverb best results.


Aug 12, rveerb I’m not sure besg they’re made for those applications or not but people sell them like they’re the best thing Makes the reverb more realistic for me.

Try it, you may like it! It does have a bit more fatness and a bit less harshness than the above tubes but lacks real warmth and definition.