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The second drive gear , in turn, includes a shaft or lead screw extending distally therefrom and fixedly coupled thereto. One known solution to lower the force-to-fire is to use electrical motors. Once the working end of the device, e. The device can also include a locking mechanism positioned to engage at least one of the handle and the cable s to lock the handle and the cable s in a fixed position. Endoscopic surgical instruments are often preferred over traditional open surgical devices since the use of a natural orifice tends to reduce the post-operative recovery time and complications.

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The ramped surface 20 r on the anvil 20 is located proximal to a pivot point at which the anvil 20 is attached to the first jaw Thus, the cable actuators previously disclosed herein can be replaced by EAP actuators, and the handle can be configured to activate an energy source to selectively deliver energy to one or more of the cables.

In order to move the clamp axially and to lock the clamp to the housing 12 cthe clamp can include a mating element formed thereon canera configured to engage a corresponding mating element formed on the housing 12 c.

bb36-41c Methods and apparatus for inhibiting contamination of reusable pulse oximetry sensors. However, surgeons typically prefer to experience feedback from the working end to assure proper operation of the end effector.

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Stapling method and apparatus for vesicle-urethral re-anastomosis following retropubic prostatectomy and other tubular anastomosis. Surgical stapling instrument with byrkn stapling head assembly on rotatable and flexible support shaft. Moreover, a person skilled in the art will appreciate that a variety of other techniques can be used to movably couple the handle 14 to the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft In other embodiments, the cables can be used to passively allow articulation of the elongate shaft through a body lumen, and the clamp or other locking mechanism can be used to lock the working end of the device bbb36-141c position when desired.

The shaft and the cable actuators are similar to the shaft and cable actuators a – d previously described with respect to deviceand thus they will not be described in detail. Alternatively, the end effector 16 can include a flexible neck 26 formed thereon, as shown, for allowing movement of the cakera effector 16 relative to the elongate shaft In an exemplary embodiment, movement of the handle can be configured to dictate the amount of the energy source, as bb36-141 as the cable s receiving the energy source.


Approximating apparatus for surgical jaw structure and method of using the same.

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For example, the ball 13 a can be spherical and it can be captured within a spherical socket formed in the proximal end 12 a of the elongate shaft 12or a mating element, such as a pin, can extend through the ball 13 a to retain the ball 13 a within the socket For example, opposed cables 34 a and 34 c can cross one another and can connect to opposed sides of the handle 14and opposed cables 34 b and 34 d can likewise cross one another and can connect to opposed sides of the handle Accordingly, there remains a need for improved methods and devices for controlling movement of a working end of an endoscopic surgical device.

The flexible neck can have a variety of configurations, and it can be a separate member that is coupled to the elongate shaftor it can be formed integrally with the elongate shaftas shown in FIG. In an exemplary embodiment, the elongate shaft is configured to passively flex and bend when it is inserted through a tortuous lumen.

Once the cammera end of the device, e. Consequently, significant development has gone into a range of endoscopic surgical instruments that are suitable for precise placement of a working end of a tool byrkn a desired surgical site through a natural orifice.

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While the locking mechanism can have a variety of configurations, in one exemplary embodiment the locking mechanism can be in the form of a clamp that is effective to clamp down onto the cables and vamera prevent movement of the cables to lock the working end in a desired orientation.

In an exemplary embodiment, the drive shaft and clutch are translated along the elongate shaft 12 in a proximal direction to position the drive shaftand thus the clutchin the second position. The neck can be made flexible using various techniques. The articulating movement of the handle can allow the motion of the handle to be mimicked by the flexible neckas hb36-141c be discussed below.


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In another embodiment, the device can be in the form of an accessory channel and the elongate shaft can be in the form of a tube having an inner lumen adapted to receive a tool therethrough. The cables 34 a – d then extend around the ball 13 a on the handle 14 and connect to a distal-facing surface on the handle 14 that surrounds the ball 13 a. Surgical instrument with wireless communication between a control unit of a robotic system and remote sensor.

In general, the elongate shaft of the device is very similar to the elongate shaft previously described, and it generally includes a flexible neck coupled to or formed on a distal end thereof. In use, the connection of the cables 34 a – d at the distal end of the flexible neck 26 will allow the cables 34 a – d to apply a tension to the flexible neck 26 when an axial force is applied to the cables 34 a – d by the handle Moreover, the locking mechanism can have a variety of other configurations.

Surgical instrument incorporating an electrically actuated articulation locking mechanism. While the actuation mechanism can have a variety of configurations, in the illustrated embodiment the actuation mechanism is in the form of a drive shaftwhich is shown in FIG.

Pneumatically powered surgical cutting and fastening instrument with electrical feedback. Surgical staple cartridges with tissue tethers for manipulating divided tissue bb36-11c methods of using same. In other embodiments, the end effector of the device can include a cartridge removably disposed therein and containing a plurality of staples for stapling tissue and a blade for cutting stapled tissue.

System and method for multi-instrument surgical access using a single access port.