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As you can see at right, there are buttons for focus lock, shutter, zoom, the menu systems, flash, and the timer. Multi-pattern, center point and spot metering modes Movie and still capture modes. I really liked the placement of the power button on the Fuji MX , and I hope that more companies will put it somewhere harder to reach! Executive Overview Casio labels the QVSX as a “versatile” digital camera on its packaging, and the product certainly lives up to that billing. This is a bit less than the batteries’ capacity rating would suggest, because the batteries are rated at a relatively low power drain, and total capacity decreases as the load increases. The command dial options are counter-clockwise from top: Its 8x optical zoom lens provides one of the widest zoom ranges in the market today, and its low-light capabilities go beyond anything we’ve seen to date January,

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We are accommodating this request with special copies of each review, formatted to allow the text flow to be dictated by the browser window. The macro range is limited from 1. The included wired remote control works best with the Bulb setting, preventing any slight camera movement due to pressing the shutter button. We could see some of what Casio’s doing, in that they evidently capture a “black-reference” image immediately after the time-exposure shot itself, and using it to subtract-out the noise.

QV-8000SX Manual

I suppose that some clever work in aperture priority mode could fix this problem a bit. Auto puts the camera in control of the flash; On fires the flash with every exposure; Off completely suppresses the flash and Red-Eye Reduction emits a small pre-flash before firing the full flash to prevent the Red-Eye Effect.

Very handy for aligning shots! Programmed modes such as Night Scene, Portrait and Landscape set up the camera for special shooting, saving time with preset options. Daylight, Shade, Tungsten and Fluorescent settings all do as they sound by adjusting white balance for varying natural and artificial light sources. You dasio watch the movies on the LCD in Play mode, of course.


You can always rotate the photo after the fact in an image editor, but it’s preferable by far to avoid the problem in the first place. This Lego model is the casoo Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits.

While in full automatic mode, you have the ability to casuo white balance, exposure compensation EV and the flash. The plastic door flips open from the front, the card is ejected by a release button that is pushed in and pops up and then pushed down again to eject the CF card.

Just the opposite of “Landscape Mode” above: The buttons are on the back are well placed, which is a sv-8000sx in the digital camera world. As could be expected from such a long-ratio lens, geometric distortion is a bit higher than some cameras, at 0.

Control-wise, all the buttons and levers are laid out so that one handed operation is possible a definite benefit in some shooting situations. Here’s a look at the individual controls: The QV comes with a wired remote control that controls almost all of the important camera features in both record and playback mode.

For example, if you choose Shutter Speed below leftyou’re then presented with another menu: There’s no optical viewfinder, and there’s no LCD information av-8000sx on the top of the camera. Casio includes all the necessities in the box, with the possible exception of rechargable batteries 4 Duracell Ultras were included instead.

The Multi setting takes readings from the entire image and then bases the exposure on the average of those values. Instead, I had to take the frames and bring them to a Windows computer to use the Panorama software to do that.


Casio QV-8000SX (1999)

The slowest shutter speed available in this mode is one second, but a slower one can be set in Shutter Speed Priority mode up to 64 seconds. Even before the Nikon Coolpix and there was the Agfa ePhoto and cameras which also lacked an optical viewfinder. Say you take the first frame of your panorama. When we actually shot some very long time exposures with the camera though, we were totally humbled: We found the HTML image indexes caslo handy for viewing pictures shot with the camera, and for seeing the exposure settings they were shot with.

Click here for a print-optimized page. When inserted into your computer, the CD displays a detailed menu with options to install the various software applications, read about the applications, register your camera online, go directly to the Casio website, open the accessory listing or fill out an accessory order form.

QVSX – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

As for its other design features, the QVSX gives you a nice hand grip, via the battery compartment, and an overall sleek design. Although, as noted earlier, it’s important to remember that “protected” images will still be erased when you reformat the memory card. The trial version of Picture Works Web Publisher allows you to create customized web pages in 30 seconds or less up to 15 pages in the trial version. Zoom Control Located on the front of the camera, about where your right index finger would wrap around the grip, this slide control operates the zoom lens.