Global Graphics acquired Harlequin in July To compensate for this, the main paper tray can feed transparencies, envelopes, labels, and card stock. Prints a 4″ by 6″ photo in 22 seconds. It will be marketed and distributed by Xerox. Mpower software takes customer information, entered via the web or onto a database, and generates personalized documents such as brochures by inserting variable text and image data into onto templates. This is a product for a press room, not an office. During the second half of , HP is expected to introduce the first HP-branded product based on its twoyear-old development agreement with Indigo.

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It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. With PRINT Image Matching, camera makers can set parameters such as gamma level, color space, contrast, sharpness, brightness, shadow point, highlight point, and color balance.

In our sales force, we coloryrafx color specialists with specialized knowledge that will give them an edge when selling to the higher-end graphics market.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Quick Ink Light Cyan ml | eBay

Kodak Ultima Picture Paper is available in two finishes, high-gloss and satin. In continued on page 18 Page 17 Color Business Report Color Business Report marketing, one tends to do more of what is effective, and one avoids what is not effective.

If one looks for return on marketing investment when making a marketing decision, linking one-to-one marketing techniques to broader deployment of a customer relationship management program may act as deterrent to adoption of variable-data marketing. One-to-one mailing pieces are but one possible application of the information in a very rich customer database.

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This unit has came to us in working condition, but due to storing there might be dried out ink somewhere. Paper Handling The J ships with a sheet paper tray, which feeds paper to the printer from underneath similar to the HP Business Inkjet The cost consequences of implementing customer relationship management can be significant.


The debate over separate versus colortrafx cartridges is equally simple. While resident in the printer itself, these intelligent forms are capable of parsing, formatting and conditionally displaying images from simple ASCII data stream. Ideal for commercial reprographics firms and corporate in-house product environments, with requirements for high print quality, quick turnaround, and short-run production solutions.

Co-developed by Imation and Xerox, cologgrafx proofing media is available in three finishes: These include a document repository feature, which allows users to store commonly printed documents in an easily-accessed database, and a supply chain management service, which tracks inventory levels of printed materials.

Therefore, for a given marketing application, one needs to ascertain if the database has the required information in the first place, and if the information is complete enough and current enough. UltraDoc includes a number of other built-in features for creating and initializing standard SQL database tables.

The chances are that HP will integrate finishing equipment manufactured by a third party. Page 4 Given the investment Lexmark has made in the development and manufacturing of tri-color cartridges, we felt compelled to question the switch to a separatecartridge model.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Quick Ink Light Cyan 500ml

The IXIA uses the same dpi print engine as the Iris, but positions it horizontally, rather than directly above the print drum. The C is based on a dpi print engine, but can simulate dpi output when cooorgrafx in Image Quality mode, according to Lexmark. Designers of documents that are to go to commercial printers colorfrafx to specify the paper, not vice versa.


The J offers laser-like performance, thanks to fast print speeds, a paper preparation system that prevents ink bleed, and a higher paper capacity.

Retail price for by dpi digital camera.

The Photo-e-Print ProLab will be targeted at professional photo labs. Lexington, KY introduced the C color laser printer and J color ink jet printer, both designed for use by business workgroups.

PlanetFax is fast and simple to use.

The PerfectFinish fluid, a formulation developed by Lexmark, is dispensed from a bottle installed in the back of the printer.

Six-color printing plus two tonal inks produce smooth blended output and increase the number of reproducible colors within the standard web offset printing SWOP color gamut.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Color Inkjet Printer

The C, which resembles Hitachi lasers Lexmark would not confirm the engine manufacturerprints 6 ppm in color and 24 ppm in monochrome the HP Color LaserJet prints 4 ppm in colorgracx and 16 ppm in monochrome.

Color Business Report Index can be found at: With PlanetWatch, users can capture data from any platform, and send the data stream with intelligent forms to trigger any network or locally attached printer. Harlequin and Motorola expect to offer peripheral OEMs a range of design and engineering services. Three rails hold perforating, scoring, and slitting wheels see photo.

These load into slots on the front of the printer, where most would expect to find the manual feed. That being said, early Xeikon users complained about the limited media selection.