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For other more silent? Everything seemed to work out of the box with 8. I have to use external keyboard to create a good document without being frustrated. The black keyboard is stable and for a notebook keyboard useable. I’ve googled to figure out a solution for the fan problem, but I could not find anything that works yet. June 8th, 3.

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It discovered everything and including the Bluetooth adaptor.

wireless – Wifi is not working on my Dell E – Ask Ubuntu

DisplayPort is not digital enough for you? Home Laptops Submit a Laptop. What wireless card do you have? Sounds works fine, so I’m guessing the original comment about needing to manually install ALSA is just an old llnux. Broadcom Corporation BCM By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

That Ubuntu version is quite old.

Dell Latitude E6400

Only if the heavy load remains for several minutes or it is wirelese hot in your room then the pc will increase the fan speed. Some models came with cameras and some didn’t.


Transferring files over my local network is important to me. For full specifications see the Dell Latitude E specifications page. The system never crashes — just get so slow I have to hold the power button down to restart.

For the keys of the T How do you rate this laptop with Linux? It works like a charm! Since the laptop is 64 bits, I reloaded Ubuntu Dell Latitude E – Connects to wireless, but doesn’t open pages.

Alright, followed those commands and then changed the channel to 1, restarting the router now, I’ll get back to you in a moment with the results. After all of this good-ness — one major disaster: There is an auto dimming function enable, but you can disable this as well. Check the additional drivers tab in software properties software-properties-gtk. Still can’t run card reader and synaptics driver although touchpad works sufficiently. Everything seemed to work out of the box with 8.

Dell Latitude E – The Perfect Linux Notebook? Or is Ubuntu The Perfect Linux? | Karussell

I opened a terminal and ran lspci and the wireless card is a Broadcom BCM I think that have to be similar utility for linux. The Intel wireless controller is supported by Linux kernel version 2. I have been very pleased.


You will need to wait until 2. It has vista and a xp downgrade included, but I went the linux way. The auto brightness function doesn’t appear to work in Fedora might be something I’ve just not setup yetbut it does work with Ubuntu.

I have just tried Ubuntu on a brand new Latitude E The processor is either 32 bit or 64 bit. Links and a few more details can be found here: Wifi is not working wirreless my Dell E Ask Question.

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