If so is it adversely affecting your battery life when it’s not actively connected to the keyboard ie: This is only for users that also have the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse. A couple of other notes, when I got the actual keyboard, there was no mention of the Blackberry on the original packaging. Tapping Make PDA accessible will set the Bluetooth Accessibility Settings to allow automatic reconnection of the mobile device and the keyboard when both are powered on and in range. So unless the keyboard has this option then rearranging the letters for those who need it is useless. I’m sure this is posted somewhere, but havent found it yet. I switched from qwerty a while back, and on my ultra portable notebook I was not able to change they keys physically so once I was good at typing on a keyboard that did have the keys re-arranged I simply left they keys alone on the notebook, and switched the layout settings.

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Obtaining Warranty Service Customer must contact Mobility California within the applicable warranty period to obtain warranty service authorization.


All you have to do is reopen the keyboard or hit the space bar and the status goes back to “Connected”. Dvorak is not merely rearranging the keyboard letters.

All I did to get it to work was install the Bluetooth plugin.

If several Stowaway keyboards happen to be nearby and in Discoverable Mode, the scan will display all of these devices in the list. Enter the number and press the Blue Fn and the Enter key, at the same time, to enter “ok”.


iGo Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard XTBT01 Smartphone iPhone

Dated proof of original purchase will be required for warranty service, repair, or replacement. The original packaging on the front actually says Just use common sense and don’t hold the dryer too close or wait until you see smoke!

This is a great Think Outside design. Both my biz partner and I use Stowaways now the ultra-slim model with our Ns. My tip for removing the annoying sticker doesn’t involve any chemicals or scraping.

It took ten minutes and Goo-Gone to get it off of mine. I have an N running OS This is really weird as I have tried both ways with no luck and reflashed serveral times without restoring a backup to ensure I had a clean slate to work with. This is so strange!! One for your phone to sit landscape and one for portrait. I paired it via the Bluetooth Keyboard “Pair” button Anybody figure out if and how you could xgbt01 the Blue Fn functions on the letter keys eg: It runs off two AAA batteries.

FCC Identification Information The following information is provided on the device or devices covered in this document in compliance with FCC regulations: What is the Stowaway Bluetooth Mouse button for?

Don’t have an account? The only place it was mentioned at all was on a barcode sticker stuck over the original barcode on the back.


I guess, I’ve gotten so used to using the builtin stand that first thing I did is remove the keyboard’s stand because I had deemed it unnecessary: Caps lock doesn’t appear to work but that’s no biggie for me. Download our Official Android App: Are you using OS or the beta OS?

iGo Think Outside Stowaway Ultra-slim Keyboard Xtbt01

Depending on the version of your keyboard, you may see an Upgrade Firmware button on the BT page, and a message advising that the firmware be upgraded. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

On the Nokia, Click “New” and wait a few seconds while it finds and identifies your keyboard comes up as “Think Outside Keyboard”. Any where you would have to use the screen keyboard, you can now use the Think Outside keyboard. When the keyboard status light flashes a fast green light approx. Disable or uninstall any other keyboard or mouse applications that you have previously installed on your mobile device. Stowaway from the PDA era. I got mine about Thanksgiving, and still have pieces of the darn sticker on some keys.

One person states that he prefers this Sonoma model than Sierra.