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One thing that is said to approximate the stock driver pretty well is to use the driver currently being sold in new Leslies. Current production metal thrust washer for old style spindle plate. Either you need to drill new holes in yours, or buy one of the new model H-S: Replacement phenolic diaphragm for the original Jensen V driver found in many Leslie speakers. Current production rubber thrust washer for old style spindle plate. The phone is

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More Info on Ferro Fluid Driver John Mihevic I thought the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble response that was too brilliant and piercing.

Tweeter Jensen V-21

You can usually find his stuff on ebay. These are second hand units and as they say should not be used to replace a driver blown by heavy useage. The new part fitted exactly to the V21 Jensen driver of my Leslie.

Single restiction is the somewhat lower sound pressure of the dome tweeter – but if you can live with it – my jesnen great again.

Sits below horn bearing. Since it’s a 8Ohm device you have to add a serial 8 Ohm 20W resistance to get appropriate impedance matching. The phone is Bolts on to the Leslie driver baffle via the existing driver mounting holes. Includes horn mounting screws. Hammond-Suzuki currently uses a watt ferro-fluid cooled driver in their new-production Leslies. I think he just does the diaphrams jenseb don’t know if complete driver replacements are available.


V1 are notoriously fragile and since they haven’t been manufactured in quite a while, finding a good one is going to be difficult. The jensne is outstanding with a crisp clean bite. Even if not, the transformer is bypassed for 16 ohm operation and you can remove it. If you want to consider non-stock treble drivers, the Atlas model PD and University Sound model EV, are said to be good sixteen-ohm replacements. Replacement phenolic diaphragm for the original Jensen V driver found in many Leslie speakers.

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Replacements for the three grommets mounted on vintage and modern day spindle plates. Kit includes six gaskets. All I had jenaen do was to punch 2 additionnals screw holes into the border of the diaphragm with a belt punching plier.

A stock V treble driver is another matter however. The content of this page is Copyright C, Geoffrey T.

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It’s really a matter of personal taste. Failed drivers can be shipped in for repair, exchanged for rebuilt units, or rebuilt units can be purchased outright.


Hammond-Suzuki has achieved this by installing a conical diffuser over the diaphragm. Call him for info.

However, Scott Hawthorn says:. The wiring leads have the same angle as the original one and I could solder it directly to the connections on the black bakelite piece.

Tweeter Jensen V – Vintage Music Service

This driver is an excellent choice for improving the durability and reliablity of your Leslie. Topic RepairTopic Modification. Its use requires either a new spindle plate or a simple modification to the existing spindle plate.

I made really good experience by using a hifi-midrange dome driver as replacement for the jensen V The Monacor sounds very good and it is a simple v221 cheap solution for replacing the Jensen driver. Replacement Diaphragms Ruby Ruby apparently makes or, at least, made a replacement diaphragm for the V driver. Drivers Number of Items found: The diffuser cone has holes drilled in the periphery for the sound to travel jenaen the rotating treble horn.

Don’t know the cost.