You can download a trial version here: Anyway, I have no way of testing the drive no Thinkpadders I know near me , so I may have to just order it. The following query on a Windows 7 Microsoft forum suggests that there is such a service: There are even notes on how to repair it You also mentioned “and above,: How long do these burners typically last?

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You also mentioned “and above,: I’ve never had to install any drivers for whatever optical drive I’ve put into the Ultrabay. Now I probably burn one tenth of what I used to, so they last longer. I did look in recycle earlier, but didn’t find it.

And I can verify it on all of my computers running Vista and above. Is it the best and most recent model?

anydvd not working with matshita UJD drive | RedFox Forum

As for it being the “best”, here’s the specs: If so, you could try rolling back Windows using System Restore. As suggested above, try another brand and see if that helps.

Has anybody on this forum encountered these problems? I use Total Commander myself.

Why is Matshita DVD-R UJ not working,… – Apple Community

I’ve owned it from Evem though Lenovo typically uses good parts, Matshitas get a certain amount of criticism. Also, if you’ve been able to burn disks many times before but only now you are having problems Recently, despite verifying the most current driver, I’ve had horrible luck burning CDs with either Window, or using a third party utility By the way, when I copied and pasted the results of my imapi search I neglected to paste the following dlls, which I do have.


I don’t have the wherewithal at this moment to do a reinstall of the OS. I didn’t see where it said that such a service was not implemented, but in response to your comment found another source which stated that IMAPI as a service was dropped after XP.

Any chance someone can make me a copy? T61p Work in progress: The above parts number apparently came originally use with the T4X series.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-842 resources, firmwares and drivers

Everything appears to be going smoothly, the “burn” is uj842, the session closes. And any recommendations on where to buy? Whenever I end up burning a coaster, the first thing I try is another brand of blank disk.

The link I gave was from the Microsoft site, on a forum therein.

Some say they may be more reliable than the Matshitas, although I haven’t collected enough sampling points to verify or refute that claim. Not sure why they would be missing That test verifies that the drive can read all sectors from the disk.


Thus, it doesn’t matter what hardware you install, but the choice of the utility program does. And no, I don’t know which program s bypass this API and use their own. I’m doing a long search right now on my computer for imapi.

They are all straight swaps. You should also check your Recycke Bin and see if it’s stored there. Who is online Users browsing this forum: You are wasting your time here, and are more likely to cause some weird damage to your OS trying to fix a problem that does not exist, than solve your issue.

Since it’s for a T4x series, the bezel will not match the contours of the case; a minor problem.