The Flyback board must be used in conjunction with embedded code version 2. TBIs have the advantage of having the fuel pressure regulator built in. It only takes a few minutes and then you have values that are correct for your setup. However, if you are going to repair the V2. Internally, the pockets are contoured to accept the bottom sealing O-ring of a standard injector.

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I appreciate the props but honestly all I did was send an email. However, if you are going to repair the V2. Signs of an impending flyback failure are: So you could connect injector control to pin 7 and injector control to pin 5.

You will need thermal grease and wires to complete the installation not included in complete kit. However, there are some drawbacks to a too large throttle body: On the web, Waytek has lots of different connectors that you can use in building your MegaSquirt. What other hardware is there? I feel like Charlie Brown with the football Rated pressure psi usually These are also often referred to simply as AN fittings.

ID1000 data for Megasquirt from Injector Dynamics

mgasquirt The high-resolution MegaSquirt-I code can help in this situation, but you lose the PWM current limiting mode so you have to run resistor packs with peak and hold low-impedance injectors. Below is a picture of a 7.


Most injector systems will use one or more fuel rails. Use a multi-meter on its highest resistance setting to check that you have “infinite” resistance between the metal mounting tab of the transistor body and the heat sink.

Many place supply blank aluminum fuel rail extrusions in whatever length you need. Send a private message to bcrx7. Some people use the complete individual runner IR throttle body and injector set-ups injctor late model motorcycles – they often have enough flow for automotive engines, and are frequently available cheaply on eBay. This has a negligible affect on fuel economy, since you likely never see 70 kPa while cruising.

This can also create problems trapping air on assembly that can cause issues at first start-up. What other test equipment should I build? You can remove the remaining flyback components if you wish.

Megasquirt Fuel & Injector Managment

Often, the flyback board is installed because of injetor failure, in which case the FETs and FET driver should probably be replaced as well. EFI hose clamps are also recommended rather than gear clamps.

This is because the throttle s of a EFI TB is the main restriction, but on a carb, it is the venturis that are the main restriction. Can I buy an assembled unit? The heat ijjector should just be tall enough to allow the FlyBack board to slide underneath it when it is installed in the lowest slot of the upper case.


The parts you absolutely need to remove are the parts injectro connected to U4 which are: Find More Posts by dlh Number of Injectors Horsepower 1. This shows how two boards can overlap when installed in the case. Apply heat sink compound between the two angles, and also between the transistors, mica, and heat sink.

Send a private message to slowcarfast.

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

Note that for either port or throttle body injection you can use multiple throttle bodies to support your power levels, if your manifold configuration can be adapted for them.

You may be able to identify your injectors by looking on:. If you choose a TBI unit, you will not need as much wiring, fuel rails, manifold modifications for injector bungs, etc.

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